Monday, December 27, 2010

Lil Duval Tweets to Teena Marie "Hey are u dead?"

Just when you think nothing bad can really happen on Twitter, Lil Duval proves you wrong. The comedian is known for his antics on Twitter and his followers look to him for a good laugh on Twitter. However, last night when Twitter was ablaze with questioning Tweets demanding to know what happened to the "Ivory Queen of Soul," Lil Duval took to Twitter and tweeted the already deceased Teena Marie, "Hey are you dead?"

Immediately following Duval's tasteless tweet were trending topics demanding that members of Twitter stop following Lil Duval.

According to a report from AOL's Black Voices, Duval's attempts to defend himself was met with anger from his former followers.

"The backlash was fast and furious from Twitter and an #unfollowlilduval campaign ensued. Duval tried to defend his tasteless antics but to no avail."

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  1. wow...nice post but what's your opinion on what was said and the reaction?

  2. My opinion is that it was in poor taste and insensitive for him to do that. I think he may not have really thought she was dead, because for a while people were not clear if the reports were actually true. However, I don't think you should joke like that. That is just my opinion though.