Friday, December 31, 2010

Interracial Couples of 2010

So I love Bossip and they did a post a while ago about interracial couples that you may or may not know about. I was surprised at who was on the list and it made me wonder as well. Is interracial dating as big of an issue as it use to be? Part of me feels like it is still an issue. But it does warm my heart to see two people come together despite archaic and ignorant beliefs.

If I had to vote for the cutest couple out of this list of women, I would say Zoe Saldana and her beau make a beautiful match. However I love them all. Thoughts?

1) Kerry Washington

2.) Alfre Woodard

3.) Thandie Newton (my girl crush)

4.) Venus Williams

5.) Eve

6.) Zoe Saldana (the love of my life)

Couples we didn't know about


  1. Very interesting post. I love that that all the couples are Black females... because a lot of attention, when it comes to interracial dating, focuses on Black males.

    At the same time I would love to see couples outside the realm of just Black and White...

  2. these are such cute couples xoxo