Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Eight bodies discovered in a missing woman case

According to a report from CNN, eight bodies have been discovered in a search for Shannan  Gilbert. She has been missing since last May.  According to the report, Shannan was a prostitute and the bodies that have been discovered are believed to be the bodies of other prostitutes.
Here is an excerpt from the article.
"As authorities searched for clues concerning her disappearance last year, they uncovered a total of eight corpses found in various stages of decomposition."

 "The first four bodies were discovered stuffed into bushes on a quarter-mile stretch of waterfront property on Oak Beach, indicating “they were dumped there by the same person or persons,” said Richard Dormer, Suffolk County Police commissioner, in December. “It’s too coincidental that there were four bodies in the same location.”The remains of the fifth body were found about a mile from where the other corpses were discovered, he said, refusing to disclose exactly where the three additional remains were found on Monday."

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