Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Marion Jones on the Monique show: Review

She was a legend. She was known as the fastest woman in the world and her legacy was destroyed, or questioned rather when Marion Jones admitted to taking performance enhancing drugs. Jones appeared on the Monique show on BET and was very open about her decision to lie about her use of performance enhancing drugs in 2007. What was different about this interview was that it was not the typical "I am sorry" interview. Jones embraced her six month punishment and described it as fate to be sentenced to prison. She admitted to having to defend herself while she was in prison. She said that experience brought her closer to God and made her a better woman. Since serving her sentence she has become an advocate for prison reform, which is something she never saw herself doing, she said.  Monique joked with her and asked, "since you were the fastest woman in the world, you never thought when you were going in 'I should just run out of here? They won't be able to catch me.'" At the end of the interview it seemed pretty apparent that Jones still has a lot that she intends to contribute to the world. Over all it appeared to be a good interview. Thoughts on the athlete? Can she come back? Was her attitude refreshing?


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  2. I stumbled upon your blog. I think she can make a comeback with charitable actions.


  3. Wow, I never was able to catch the interview but I'm happy that she was able to better herself and came out realizing the purpose God had for her life. The comment Monique made was SO funny too, and that was a REAL question! It would have crossed MY mind. HA! Thanks for keeping us informed! =)

    I tagged all of my followers, including you, in my "Sisters from other Misters" post. =) Hope to see your post soon!

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